About Me & My Blog

Welcome to my blog,

I am a serving police officer and wanted to write this blog because I feel that police officers never get to share our thoughts. I hate it when the police are slated in the media, often unnecessarily and no-one ever defends us. I hope that this blog shows that there is another side of the coin that is all too often forgotten about. I’ll be blogging my thoughts about ‘The Job’ and society in general, no offence is intended in any of my blogs (unless specifically stated) so if you are offended by anything I’ve written please let me know.

The views I share here are mine and do not represent any views held by my employer. In some cases I may change names and locations in the interests of anonymity.

I think it’s very important to talk openly about issues in society so please do comment and take part in any debates. The best way to make an informed decision is to hear all sides of the argument. All I ask that you please make sure they are constructive comments and not abusive.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Laptop Cop


One response

  1. Many thanks for blogging about the ‘thin blue line’. I think society in general rarely stops to think just how rotten a job it can be, dealing with ‘us’ all the time! I for one am grateful for your posts showing me a side of British life that I rarely if ever see. Please keep it up, and blog a bit more regularly (though obviously your time to do so may be minimal).

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