The other side of the coin……

This is the first time I have ever written a blog, I’ve been considering starting one for some time, but always thought that I wouldn’t know what topics to write about and have hesitated because I think to myself ‘Who cares about what I’ve got to say? I’m not a celebrity’ but I thought it was about time I started writing writing about some of my experiences and thoughts about ‘the job’.


I think it’s important to say that I don’t have a degree in English so don’t be surprised when reading my blog if you find some grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, I’ll just do my best to get my point across.


Since I joined the police I’ve seen a completely different side to the media and how we are often portrayed to the public, and it often hurts to read something in the press that you know is inaccurate, unnecessarily slates the police or when the media leave parts of the story out but as my street duties Sergeant always used to say to me ‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story’. I have often seen on TV and in the media people being interviewed (usually someone who swings to the left) and all too often there is no-one there to publicly defend us. We’re never allowed to speak up and I can promise you that it’s not nice spending a shift being abused by certain cross-sections of society to then come home and be criticised in the news as well! It’s all too often that the negative press we receive undermines the good work that we do every single day of our service; something, which I think, is starting to be addressed by the use of social media, for example, police forces using twitter and facebook to publish their own good news stories and engaging with the public.


By writing this blog I hope that people read it and see that there is another side to policing, that being the officers themselves. By this I mean that we are not just a uniform, we are also human beings. I know that we have to be professional and we are there to uphold the law, but lets not forget that we also have opinions and beliefs. A perfect example of this can be seen with recent demonstrations and protests in London and around the country. With the student protests that started last November, a lot of police officers were students before joining the police, me being one of them. I went to university and graduated not too long ago and I left with over £20,000 debt, so I can say that I understand what the students were feeling. When people are protesting and hurling abuse at us on our cordons it almost feels like they are blaming us, as if we are in some way responsible for the cuts. I’m sure there are plenty of officers out there who whole-heartedly agree with the principle of the protest. Whilst they may not agree with the violence that came with it, the sentiment of the demonstration is something that is felt by many. Just because we are standing there with a uniform on, it doesn’t mean that we agree with the decisions being made and we also don’t feel the pain of the cuts.


I am in no way naïve enough to think that people hate me personally (although I’m sure there are those that do) and that everyone should love the police. We are an emergency service and by default the public usually only come in to contact with us in stressful situations so it is completely understandable that people see the uniform and take a dislike to it, but it would be nice to think that just sometimes people consider that we are also humans and when we are not at work we’re just like any other member of the public with opinions and beliefs.


As I have said in the ‘About me’ page, I hope that my blog gives an insight into the other side of the coin that never really gets openly spoken about, the views from the officers themselves. Thanks for taking the time to read and please feel free to comment and debate the issue below….


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  1. Great start – Looking forward to the next one 🙂

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