3 comments on ““Tiredness can kill, Take a break”

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  2. I work in a control room in a power station and know how you feel we have had staff cuts and regularly feel like dropping asleep in the small hours but have to keep going watching out for my collages and plant, I would love to turn the light out and say sorry I’m tired, their is no answer for this problem tiredness can kill and it might very well turn the lights out soon!

  3. I don’t work with an emergency service, but it’s where my heart lies, and I hope to serve as a paramedic in the future, so this is something that is obviously going to affect me if there isn’t a shake up within the sector. I work in the childcare sector, where for a 10 hour shift I get a half an hour break (more than what you get by the sounds of it) but nevertheless, I understand the frustration and tiredness when you don’t get a break. You can’t take a break because you are stripped for staff and yet if something goes wrong you are held responsible, hardly seems like a fair or reasonable expectation. I think, it would be ideal if beginning of shift, break times were assigned to all staff on for the night so that everyone gets a break without all being off at the same time, it will ultimately lead to some calls having to wait longer than they should but, in fairness you can only help someone if you help yourself.

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